More of Me – Kathryn Evans

Another young adult read! I heard about this book on twitter, it was recommended by an author I follow so bought it on my kindle for myself and my daughter to share. It has in interesting concept, Teva,  an apparently normal 16 year old, is hiding a big secret, there are several other versions of her at home. Each year on her birthday a new version is borne out of herself and the old one remains frozen in time. This year as she approaches 17 she is determined to stop this happening so she can carry on living and not be destined to a live trapped in her house watching the next version of herself take over. Part science fiction, part teenage romance and friendship story this is a good read. You get caught up wanting to know how and why it happens and if she’ll be able to stop it. It’s well written with each version of Teva feeling quite unique yet also the same. Although it sounds quite incredulous it actually doesn’t feel like that to read which is due to the skill of the author at creating such a real feeling character despite the strange science. We both enjoyed it, neither of us were raving about it but it was worth a read.


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